VACUUM INFUSION BENEFITS: Controlling costs during the build process without compromising the integrity, utilizing state-of-the-art composites, infusing the build of each hull, deck, and components throughout the entire build.  A significantly stronger assembly versus heavy hand lamination.

~ No Wood ~ No Rot ~ No Soft Spots ~ No Putty ~ No Foam ~ No Glue filling Voids ~ No Plastic Inserts ~

The unique hull configuration of the Falcon 22’ is the ONLY symmetrical and asymmetrical Catamaran hull design (by Melvin and Morelli Engineering) in this size providing better performance, better handling, resulting in a smoother ride. Resin vacuum infusion system delivers a substantial reduction in laminate weight providing better fuel efficiency and a tougher, stronger, and more robust composite structure.  The Infusion process allows for a cleaner and safer environment by using closed molds. Closed-molded resin infusion allows for more precision.

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The difference between the Falcon 22’ and the 22’ BaD Cat is the Gunwale Height and Draft.

The Falcon 22’ has a Gunwale Height of 24” and the 22’ BaD Cat’s is about 16” in Height.  

The Falcon 22’ Draft’s 14-1/2” to 17-1/2” and the 22’ BaD Cat Drafts 9” to 11” depending upon Outboard brand and horsepower.

22' 6" 
8' 6" 
 14 1/2"**
 MAX HP  Twin 150's 
Std. 80-Gal. / Optional 112-Gal. 
Twin 22-Gal. Tanks

Boat weight with O/B’s empty with T-Top & Aft Swim Platform: 3,900lbs.
Boat weight with O/B’s full of fuel with T-Top & Aft Swim Platform: 4,356 lbs. (Twin 40 gal tanks)
Boat weight with O/B’s full of fuel with T-Top & Aft Swim Platform: 4,600 lbs. (Twin 56 gal tanks)
Full Length engines down: 26 ft. O.A.L. / Full Length on Trailer: 30 ft. O.A.L.
Clearance height on trailer (No Top, w/ Windshield Only): 122” O.A.H.
Clearance height on trailer (T-Top): Height 11’-5” - Ground to Top of Canvas T-Top
Clearance height on trailer (Spotter’s T-Top): 150” O.A.H.
Clearance height on water (No Top): 83” O.A.H. Clearance height on water (with a T-Top): 99” O.A.H. Clearance height on water (with Spotter’s T-Top & Backrest): 111” O.A.H.
Dimensions of Fish Boxes: 23” W x 65” L x 17” MAX DEPTH: FB Hatch Opening 43” x 15”
Dimensions of Live-Wells: 15” x 19” x 16” Depth Hatch Opening: 13” x 14” will accept a standard 5-Gal. Pail Center Console Helm Face Dimensions: 32” W x 18” H Total Blank: No switch panel or other equipment installed.

Standard rod/cup holder locations
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